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The Democratic Left Network is a long term project for the revitalisation of democratic socialism in the United Kingdom along inter-nationalist lines - for more information on what this means, go to About Democratic Left Network and read past postings in The Age of Reason Blog.

If you are interested in going on to our mailing list or in offering contributions to The Age of Reason Blog, please feel free to drop us a line on the contact form below. By doing so, unless you state clearly that you do not wish this to be the case,, you consent to us introducing you to like-minded persons within a locality (such as a constituency or a set of constituencies in an urban area) in order to create their own autonomous DLN community if we feel there is sufficient 'critical mass' in a particular area. If you wish to be an active part of this programme, please give us your post code and constituency.


DLN communities are open to all self-identifying democratic socialists regardless of their membership of any particular political party. Such people are encouraged to meet, socialise, raise funds (accountably), produce material, hold events, support political education along evidence-based lines in the public interest and engage in political action without any form of democratic centralist control by any hierarchy, including that of DLN itself. Free thought, free people, free nation.

In all respects other than the introduction to others in a specific locality, your communication will otherwise be confidential to the permanent six person Editorial Board of DLN, you will not receive e-mail from any source other than DLN and your information will most definitely not be passed to any third party under any circumstances.  By sending us a communication, you agree to these terms and conditions but you may specify in your e-mail that you do not wish to be considered for a local group and your position will be respected.

If you are not a self-defining democratic socialist and are an interested observer or a member of the media, please identify yourself as such and you will be placed on a mailing list for information and any queries will be passed to the Editorial Board for consideration.  Please allow up to ten days for a reply.

Thank you for your message. We will respond to you as soon as we can.

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