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Is David Cameron moonlighting as a Brexit supporter?

Is David Cameron now moonlighting as a Brexit supporter?

Speaking at the Confederation of British Industry recently, he said the following:

“Some people seem to say that really Britain couldn’t survive, couldn’t do okay outside the European Union. I don’t think that is true.

“Let’s be frank, Britain is an amazing country. We’ve got the fifth biggest economy in the world. We’re a top ten manufacturer. We’ve got incredibly strong financial services. The world wants to come and do business here.

“Look at the record of inward investment. Look at the leaders beating the path to our door to come and see what’s happening with this great country’s economy. The argument isn’t whether Britain could survive outside the EU. Of course it could."

After telling the country that Brexit would effectively risks launching World War 3, this is quite a u-turn (something not alien to this Conservative government).

In any case Cameron's words don't do the Remain side any favours at all, particularly those Project Fear elements telling us that Britain will sink if we came out of the European Union.

The truth is Britain could survive without it. It could also survive without David Cameron and his government. The difference is we have the option to vote Cameron out in the next election. With the EU, the referendum will be the first time anyone under 60 has had any say at all.

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