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1. It will restore democratic national self-determination 2. It will force the resignation of Cameron and probably Osborne. 3. It will liberate national productive capacity from the corporatism of multinationals colluding with regulators in their own interest. 4. It will enable the protection of the most vulnerable workers from low wages and job competition 5. It will shake up the complacent middle class vested interests who have run the country into the ground over the last two decades. 6. It will show the Labour Party that it has to democratise itself and re-engage with its mass working class base. 7. It will redirect our trading capacity back towards global trading and away from engagement with just one trading bloc. 8. It will re-enable radical measures to be taken, by the Left, to solve national problems without bureaucratic interference and supranational legal constraint. 9. It will lance the boil of national populism - there will be no reason for UKIP to exist 10. It will offer hope to all those Europeans trapped in the bureaucratic miasma of elite corporatism.

#Reasonstovoteleave #CameronandOsborne #LabourPartydemocracy

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